Monday, October 31, 2016

The Grand family comes to visit

We got some good quality cousin time in over the last few days. Annie, Freddy, Emmie, Molly, and Hattie drove up to San Jose for a visit on Thursday night. They got in super late (as they left their house at 8:15pm). Friday the kids and I still had to go to school, but we came home a little early to get in some extra time. It was so nice to see them. We spent most of the day in the house on Friday. Basketball was played, and some sliding was definitely enjoyed. We had an epic glow in the dark dance party with glowing skeleton jammies on the girls and glow sticks all around. It was awesome!
  Saturday morning, after making pineapple pancakes, we all geared up and went for a walk to Staples and Lucky while Justin was at the grocery store. I got to hold Ms. Hattie in the baby carrier. She is seriously the easiest baby ever. She is just so content and rarely cries or is fussy. It was a delight having her here. Emmie and Molly are good little walkers. They started out scootering and were pretty wiped by the time we got there. We stopped, grabbed some Jamba Juice for the girls, and sandwiches for the adults (Justin had already picked Vander up to head to baseball), so we headed back so that Ollie, Freddie and I could get to the baseball game to watch Vander play.

  The game ended up being super hot and in direct sunlight and Freddie put the sandwich bag on his head. Oliven's ears were looking a little red, so we put some napkins over his ears. It was pretty funny, a little "trashy", but mostly funny. Vander played catcher and third base and got a really good hit.
  After the game we came back. The kids had what what Vander and Oliven deemed the tea party that was a tradition.
  Sunday morning we made French toast, took cousin pictures, carved pumpkins in the rain, and at three we headed over to a neighborhood driveway progressive party with games in every driveway.   It was really neat. Jennie Anderson hosted it and the whole block lent their driveways for our fun. I got to be in a scoot scate race, the kids played hot potato with a pumpkin, did egg races, played musical chairs, and we brought pin the spider on the web. There was alcohol for the adults (I made brain hemorrhages that I learned from Hannah) with peach schnapps, Irish cream and grenadine, and then their was a potluck. As per usual Freddie was the hit of the party. The rain was coming down hard the morning before and in the evening, but the afternoon was gorgeous.
  Then, all too soon, the Grand's headed home. The girls and boys had a great time together. Thanks for coming up guys!!!

Then and Now day for Oliven

Oliven had his Then and Now day at school. He was super cute - no surprise.  They did all kids of fun activities from the past. He liked the tea party the best, again, no surprise. He didn't enjoy the butter making because it leaked a little.  He liked playing the games as well. He even had a chance to try washing his own clothes on the old washboard like the Boogie Woogie Washer Woman (his favorite song that I taught the 1st graders). Overall he had a great day. I was so glad that it was on one of the days that I teach the first graders music, so I got to be a photographer for the day and see all the action.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

October update

I told myself that when I went back to work I would make sure to keep up on my blogging and scrapbooking, but I am not doing a very good job of that. Well, here I thought that Mondays I could get a lot done, but not so much. I make sure to exercise and practice piano, but really where does the rest of the time go? I mean it, I do get work done. This is the real reason I took an 80% contract, so that I could be done with all my other stuff and not have to stay at school working for hours several times a week, and so far so good. I do have to go to meetings on Wednesdays, but that seems to be the main after school commitment.
 Now for the meat of the blog entry: We went on a couple of awesome date nights with the Lims. First we went to go see the 49ers football game. Then we got to go to La Fondue and have the Le Freak, which is everything on the menu. I haven't been that full in a very long time. It was all amazing, but the chocolate was for sure the highlight.

I got laryngitis and couldn't even whisper at the Gala this year as well as Polly's favorite witches party. I resorted to a tablet and pen and text messaging. Socializing is not nearly as fun when you can't do it.  I had laryngitis for about a week really bad. It turns out singing all day is not great for your voice. I know that is no surprise, but I am still really hoping that my vocal chords will just get used to it. We shall see. Despite not being able to talk I still had a good time at the Gala. I auctioned off a Murder Mystery party and also a teacher treat of The Little Mermaid Jr. with students. (The musical was all kids and it was really good. Sebastian was amazing, and several of the kids in the musical were from Charter which made it extra cool). We ended up winning a tea set. The highlight of the evening was dancing. We danced the night away - Camille and I. We danced until Justin said that he was leaving, which was around 10:40pm. My feet did not enjoy dancing in my new shoes, but oh well.
 The next night was Polly's Favorite witches party. She is world's best party thrower. She has themed food with a printed up menu, signature drinks, prizes for the best costume and the favorite item brought to the party the previous year. I had to bring a tablet and a pen to scrawl my notes on. Nancy helped me out during the night (in her own sassy way). Did I mention that Polly has the most amazing parties, well she even had spider web fake eyelashes on. I always enjoy a Polly party!
  Let's see what else??? We had a pool playdate with the Lim family and the Trombleys. Then, we had Cooper over for a playdate with Oliven and Justin for playdate with Vander during conference week, and went hot tubbing at the Lim house another day.
  I have been crazy busy at school with putting on 2 musicals (middle school and 5th grade), teaching the 3rd graders to read music and now I'm going to be prepping the 1st and 3rd graders to sing at Christmas in the park. It's a lot of work, but I can tell how much joy the kids are getting out of it, so that makes it really fun as well.