Sunday, February 26, 2017

San Diego

  During February break from school I headed down to San Diego to spend time with Grandma Gretchen and Grandpa David. I stayed with Uncle Ken and Aunt Karen. It was a really nice trip. I was over-prepared for how Grandma was doing, and because of that I was pleasantly surprised. It was so nice to get to spend time with her three days in a row. She gave me a few really good hugs and told me that I was a good girl. She held my hand a lot. I was able to have some good conversations with Grandpa and he laughed a lot while I was there, which I know was really good for him. I am so glad that I went down.
  I also got some quality time with Karen in the evenings (hot tubbing and trying on clothes that she decided were not appropriate after 50), Uncle Ken in the mornings (making oatmeal with raisins that was more like raisins with oatmeal), and Kelly and Kyle met up with us at Grandma's house and we went to dinner together. Kelly came by the next morning as well. During my visit I was able to meet up with Nicole and we went out to lunch at the Olive Garden. It was so nice catching up with her in person. It has been WAY too long!
  I love my family soooooo much! xoxo


  Colby and Alex got engaged. I am truly happy for both of them. Alex is going to be a great sister-in-law. I think she is a great girl and is so good for and with Colby. Freddy is going to be a co-best man with Mike. Alex has included me in her inner circle of girls that are helping to give her input on all the planning stuff. She says she will include me in some way. I am bummed that I won't be in their wedding, but that is just how life works out some times. Colby is one of my best friends and I love him so so much. There wedding is going to be in Los Angeles at what looks like a pretty neat outdoorsy venue. It will be Friday, August 11th. :)

Sunday, February 19, 2017

A rather blustery day

   Friday was crazy windy, seriously crazy wind...Piglet would have blown away for sure. Everyone's umbrella's were inside out and the rain was sideways. I found it exhilarating. It reminded me of the mornings that both of my boys were born. Both of those early mornings were cool and windy. It also reminded me of Indiana, and despite not wanting to live there forever, it was a great time in our lives as newly weds. We had a lot of fun there and met some pretty great friends.
  Anyway, Justin was at home with Vander and I got a text at work. Our fence blew over on two sides of our house and roof tiles were flying off the roof. Luckily Justin was able to get someone to come over and tent the roof immediately. We are going to have to redo our fence probably all the way around the backyard and at the very least we will have to have our roof at least patched up. Who knew one day could cause so much damage. Yikes. We also happened to have the leak affect our fire alarm system so we had to have all the wiring redone for that. What an expensive, unexpected pain in the butt.

Thursday, February 16, 2017


  The weekend of January 28th Grandma Gretchen was put on hospice. I know that she has been going steadily down hill for years, but this just still is like a kick in the reality pants. It breaks my heart. She won't get out of bed any more and has to have all of her food pureed. She took her teeth out and decided that she didn't want to put them back in again. I booked a flight down to see her over February break next week. I am trying to do what I can for Grandpa. I asked him if I could call and chat with him a few minutes a day (so he knows that someone cares and has something to look forward to). I know he isn't much of a phone talker, but I want him to know that I am here for him. I made him some cookies and mailed them down to him. I am trying to make him a book with memories to read to grandma, but I am having a hard time getting everyone's responses back.
   I have done a lot of crying and grieving over grandma. I miss her all the time and the relationship that we had. I really hope that my trip down there goes well and I get some quality time with her. I love her so much. I just need lots of time with family right now to get me through this time. I know I can't be with my grandparents all the time because I just don't live close enough, but I sure wish I could.


Vander had to have surgery to remove some scar tissue that had grown from when he was a baby. We were both nervous about it beforehand (I didn't let him know that I was worried). It went pretty well. He was a little loopy when he woke up from the anesthesia and was poking himself in the cheek with his second popsicle. He was pretty stoked to have been given 2 popsicles. He figured popsicles and lots of movie watching made the surgery worth it. He is planning to beat some movie watching records. It is the day after the surgery at 1:30pm and he is watching his 4th movie of the day. Personally, I would be ready to do something else, but he is enjoying the binge watching. It is certainly keeping his mind off of any pain. He threw up once, but other than that has been doing pretty good today. He is in good spirits and is sitting up. He got a care package from Aunt Annie and the Grand crew and he was stoked. He is eating the popcorn now.

Valentines day

We had a lovely Valentines day this year. After gymnastics we sat down and had a roast beef sandwich picnic in the living room with the boys while we watched the a show called, "Kids Baking Championship". (We have been watching cooking and baking shows about kids with the kids and they really enjoy them). We had chocolate satin pie from Marie Calendar's for dessert and then it was off to bed. I make it sound really great, wasn't all roses. Oliven was very tired and he decided that being tired merited a bout of crying and then whining and then crying some more. It was not at all pleasant, but he finally pulled himself together to eat dinner and be part of the family. The boys made really creative cards for us this year. Vander's cards had pop-up letters and Oliven's had a lift the flap. I was very impressed and felt very loved. Justy got me a Little Mermaid night shirt and I got him mini eggs- his favorite. Love my little family.