Saturday, May 13, 2017

Hattie's first birthday

  Hattie had a Very Hungry Caterpillar themed birthday party this year. It was super cute. Annie really knows how to throw a party! It was really cool decorations and tons of fun. Hattie ended up very very red with frosting, which totally made the day. Lots of family and friends showed up to celebrate this cute little lady. This even included a surprise visit from Colby and Alex. They were in L.A. for Alex's little brother's graduation from college and happened to text Freddy to ask if he was around. Their flight had been cancelled by Spirit airlines, so they had the afternoon free.
 Oliven and I had flown down on Thursday for the birthday party and stayed until Monday afternoon so we could spend time with our favorite girls. You can't beat cousin time. We had a really nice trip to Anaheim. We went to a park and the library and enjoyed our time together. On Saturday all the kids were a mess. Oliven coughed all night on the Friday night and so he didn't sleep at all and he was crankier than I have ever seen him in his life. It was not pleasant. Molly wasn't feeling great because she needed medicine. Hattie was having teething issues as well as a double ear infection.
Sunday, they were all feeling better and everyone enjoyed celebrating with Hattie Bear.

Oliven's 7th birthday

For Oliven's 7th birthday he decided to have an Earthday theme. They started the party by picking up trash. He made it into a game. They had to see who could pick up the most trash in about 20 minutes at the park. They did a great job. Oliven gets credit for all of the trash collected because he was so philanthropic in his choice of birthday activity. :)They were all surprised that there were so many cigarette butts on the ground because they never see people smoking. Oliven couldn't believe how many litter bugs there are out there. There were still lots of pieces of trash on the ground from Easter celebrations.
They had hotdogs and sausages for lunch. Afterwards they played an hour of Super Smash Brothers on the Wii. Then they decorated cookies the size of their faces like the Earth. We finally found a dessert that Vander couldn't finish. Who knew that was possible? He is my sugar boy. Right after they were on their sugar highs they went into the computer room to build a Lego set. Ollie got one for each boy. He invited only his best buddies: Jeremiah, Evan, Cooper, and Vander. He gave his party a 9 out of 10 rating.
  He had his family get together on his actual birthday. I was at a conference all day for EQ (a really great conference about building community and improv.) Because of that dinner was a little late, but of course delicious. Everyone enjoyed the pork ribs, rosemary potatoes and broccoli. For his dinner out he chose the Cheesecake Factory this year. Yum.

Take your kid to work day

The kids finally were old enough this year to go to the take your kid to work day at Lockheed Martin. They had a really good time with their dad at work and got to do lots of fun activities.