Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Last Day of school

Today was the last day of 1st and 3rd grade, so we celebrated by going out to lunch with the Lim family. It's tradition, and who are we to break tradition??? We decided to go to Golden House Chinese Food Restaurant because we all love it. We went to Baskin Robins for a scoop of ice cream afterwards and ended our afternoon together with a trip to the pool to play. It was nice to catch up with Carrie. Neither of us have had much time recently. The kids always enjoy their time together. It was a great way to end the school year.

End of the school year

  We have so many plans for the summer...I hope not too many!!! The end of the school year went swimmingly (literally because of swim team, but figuratively as well). The end of the year is always a bit tough because swim team starts before baseball ends, so we were on two different schedules in the evening and some dinners had to be eaten at 3:30 and 4pm. Not ideal.
Vander got to be on the Memorial Day tournament team this year. I think he really enjoyed it, but when it came time to do All Stars he decided that he wanted to pass and get into swimming for the summer.
  Oliven (and I) had a piano recital. This was the second one so far. He was of course adorable and did a great job. He comes into my bedroom almost every morning to say good morning and give me a double hug. He says, "this is the best part of my day so far." It's definitely my favorite part of every day. It is special and for me at least, sort of magical.
  As for me, recently were for me a performance for the 2nd and 6th graders (skits and a musical), which were great. I feel like I had a good first year as the music teacher and really brought the program to life. I look forward to learning from this year and doing even better next year.
  Last weekend Gary and Jerrie came for a quick visit as they were passing through and we met up with them at Dim Sum for a brunch.

Vander's 9th birthday

My big boy is 9 years old. He had a family party which included a chocolate peanut butter cake. Apparently the frosting is too sweet. Who knew that could happen for Vander??? 
  For Vander's 9th birthday he decided to have a sleepover with his best friend, Bella. He also invited Oliven's best friend, Jeremiah, to come sleep over at our house. The kids had a great time. They played outside, ate dinner, watched a movie called Justice League: City Breakout (Vander asked for popcorn and pretzels instead of a cake) and played Wii. In the morning they had blueberry pancakes. The sleeping arrangements were originally all four of them in a room, but that didn't work out so after an hour of "trying" to be quiet Oliven and Jeremiah went to Oliven's room for the night. They all had a great time and I would say without a doubt that the first attempt at a friend sleep over was a success.